Posted by: Tony Tickle | October 22, 2010

Stolen Phone retrieved with Mobile Me ‘Find my Phone’ App.

Yesterday My iphone was stolen by an opportunist thief whilst I was at a 3D conference at Bradford Media Museum, what the little bugger did not know was that I was able to Track him using my Ipad loaded with Mobile Me ‘Find my Phone’ App.

As soon as I noticed the phone was missing is started tracking. I could see that the phone was still in the building and put out a call on the Museum Tannoy, also sending a message to the iphone.. “I know you are still in the Museum, hand the phone into reception”…No Luck… The ‘phone’ then left the building and went to The Bus station, I sent a message to the phone “I know you are at the bus station”, I continued to track the phone for the next 20 minutes till it stopped at Spring Street. I messaged the phone “ I know you are in Spring Street” I then called my phone from a friends and left a message. “return the phone to reception or I will call the police as I know where you live” (I did not have the house number as the locator is NOT that accurate) but they must not have guessed that.

At this point I wiped the phone and hoped for the best. After an afternoon session at the conference I was informed that my phone was at reception… ha.. I got my phone back, I can only imagine what the thief was thinking when the read messages… Mobile Me ‘Find my Phone’ App… Brilliant!


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