Posted by: Tony Tickle | November 30, 2010

Learn to Drive you idiots

Learn to drive idiots

For the last three weeks the North West of England has experienced beautiful blue skies, crisp autumn mornings and clear night skies. OK it’s been cold yet we have had NO rain or snow… until today. Less than 2cm of snow fell on Greater Manchester and the whole region grinds to a standstill… What’s wrong with this country? Winter comes around every year, get used to it! Why the hell do so many drivers in the UK not know how to drive in bad weather?

Mummies and Daddies dropping there kids off at school… GET THE BUS or god forbit WALK!

It took me two and a half hours to get into the office this morning… finally abandoning my car and getting the tram, where we were crammed in like sardines… but it was warm and cozy.

This is just the start of winter… all is lost if only 2cm of Snow brings the city to a standstill.


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