Posted by: Tony Tickle | December 15, 2010

Social Media can be great Customer service

Everyone’s banging on how social media is the future yet many marketing directors still cannot get their heads around the benefits and immediacy of the medium.

In the last seven days I have been actively targeted by companies based on my own social media activity, and it definitely did not feel as an intrusion (unlike Bluetooth broadcasts to my phone) The latest was last night as I checked in with Foursquare at San Carlo Cicchetti with the comment “Dinner with the girls” within minutes a ‘direct message’ to my twitter account with a note from @SanCarlo_Group “Welcome to San Carlo Cicchetti we hope you have a good time” WOW what customer service!

Was the responder in the restaurant or was he/she a social media manager monitoring and reacting out there in the twittersphere? The fact was I got a response! Imagine If I had tweeted “the pasta was cold & the service appalling” I guess they would have reacted even faster and done something about my complaint… offering to compensate but more importantly compelling me to further tweet how San Carlo Cicchetti looks after its customers.

Last month I checked in with Foursquare at the only 5 star Hotel in Salford, Greater Manchester merely to be informed by a Foursquare ‘Tip’ “don’t eat here the food is not great and VERY expensive walk across the footbridge to restaurants ” I know what I would do if I were new in town!  That hotel is losing business because it is NOT responding to Social Media activity.

The great British public are not so great at complaining face to face but truly magnificent when ‘broadcasting’ to their twitter followers… bad new travels at light speed when done from the anonymity of a mobile phone.



  1. Good Blog Tony – good to hear first hand how it feels to get great Social Media customer service:)
    But how sad that hotel is losing business, and – probably – not even aware why – it amazes me that more businesses are not at least checking out what people are saying about them!

  2. Tony, great blog.
    I am including one guest blog per week on my site would you mind if I used this, giving due credit of course.

  3. It makes you feel special as a customer as well. I used to get a real kick from going to a big exhibition and being welcomed by a text message on my phone. I knew it was automated but at least I did feel welcome.

    I hope restaurants do have a social media manager monitoring for them – I would hate the think that the chef was getting sidetracked by tweeting!!

  4. Tony – I have blogged about the same subject today after an experience on Twitter last night and linked to your Foursquare story – thanks for your great post!

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