Posted by: Tony Tickle | January 4, 2011

Chinese flying Lanterns .. A warning

Last New Year’s Eve it seems that most fireworks were replaced with the new craze of Chinese flying Lanterns. Here is what happened at the party I attended!

Six Chinese flying Lanterns were provided by the hostess of the party and the party goers on cue filed into the garden at midnight to ‘launch’ them into the night sky. Only two lanterns managed to actually take off as most of the revellers were too smashed to inflate or light them. The second flying lantern to actually take to the skies never made it past the neighbours house, clipping the roof and depositing the flaming ‘fire lighter’ into the gutter of the house and setting the roof felt alight. As no hose pipe was available buckets, pans in fact anything that held water were employed to douse the flames.

Drunken folk do not respond well at the best of times… fortunately I had little to drink and took the matter into my own hands. Scaling the garden fence, and then climbing onto the roof of the garage I managed to quell the impending inferno with a few buckets of water. A tragedy was averted and the party continued into the early house and the matter forgotten in a haze of alcohol… lesson learned, don’t let drunken adults near Chinese flying Lanterns.


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