Posted by: Tony Tickle | January 14, 2011

Technology in Education BETT 2011

Over the last two days I attended the BETT show at Olympia in London, a lot of the techie  ‘big boys’ that the man in the street know were there; Microsoft, Dell, Adobe but they were NOT the busiest stands. The likes of Promethean, Concept4 and Rezzable were stealing the show along with many other specialist suppliers dedicated to the booming education market. The buzzwords being ‘multi-touch’ ‘interactive’ ‘cost driven’ and ‘immersive’ however one ‘word’ you could not escape from was ‘3D’… It was everywhere!

Almost all large exhibitors has some 3D content displayed on their stand, and you were constantly invited to ‘wear the glasses’ if 3D has not quite made it to TV it certainly has to education. Promethean were exhibiting a multitouch (up to four users) experience with their new AB500 whiteboard (note: not a single blackboard to be seen anywhere in the show) just like a giant iPad.

My concern for the future of tech in schools is that those teachers and heads who attended the show are a fraction of the teaching population in the UK. It’s the ones who do not attend and are Luddites that hold youngsters back… That… And budget cuts!


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