Posted by: Tony Tickle | January 17, 2011

Banned “Golden Voice” Video in full here

In a Massive Home goal The Columbus Dispatch newspaper removed the “illegally” uploaded You Tube Video citeing ‘Copyright’

Dumb move removing the video from YouTube. The Columbus Dispatch seem to have some ignorance of how to use video and content on the web. The Columbus Dispatch original video had no branding on it – first mistake. The second mistake was then thinking like an old school mainstream media company and removing a video which had gotten The Columbus Dispatch huge exposure with millions of views.

Now The Columbus Dispatch has left the impression with millions of people that they are nothing more than a typical media company who’s out to exploit a person such as Ted for your own gain.

If The Columbus Dispatch had any clue on how social media works, they would have spoken to the poster of the video and worked something out. At the very least they could thank the guy for making this story what it was by posting the video and helping it go viral.


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