Posted by: Tony Tickle | May 10, 2011

Who cares about Digital History?

I have had the dubious pleasure of sitting through presentations from digital ‘early adopters’ (I count myself amongst these learned sages) over recent months. Harping back to the golden age when DOS was ‘on its way out’ and ‘scuzzy’ was FAST MAN!

The presentations usually include “when we only had dial up” “a 20 meg hard drive cost £600” “Balthazar were cutting edge”… actually being proud of the challenges that they overcame to create what looks today positively lame. The audience in the most part being under the age of 25 and frankly don’t give a monkeys what happened last month let alone last decade, and who can blame them?

Digital History is irrelevant, our industry moves so fast that what was important last year does not matter… last year is so… ‘last year’

Who today actually can learn from the fiasco when going against usability conventions (Boo’s biggest failing) is the norm if you want to cut a swathe through the mundane Digital fog?

I guess Tim Berners-Lee is the ONE ‘old timer’ that can hold an audience and with good reason… he created this brave new world.

So next time you ‘diss’ the old guy with the cravat remember this… we were there WAY before you man… but you don’t give a monkeys anyway.


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