Posted by: Tony Tickle | July 18, 2011

Google+ more than yet another social media application

I like twitter… its simple keeps me in contact with the guys in business, I’m informed and it has brought me business. I also like Facebook for different reasons… I have over 1050 ‘friends’ most are not actually friends but people who keep up to date with me and my hobby… and through this I get to travel the world… so yes.. I like Facebook.

But NOW I am getting spam through Twitter more and more and friends accounts have been hacked and yes… it is a pain in the arse for all concerned… and lets face it there is an awful lot of shite mixed in with the good stuff.

And Facebook.. I DON’T DO FARMVILLE stop sending me stuff… or Mafia Wars… I’m too busy for games… or join my campaign to spot Bonsai Kittens… GO AWAY!

Enter Google+ “If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+.” ~ Olaf Wempe in the short time I have used it… one week… I think that the I am smitten… for now.


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