Posted by: Tony Tickle | February 15, 2012

Why would anyone want to start a new business in Britain today?

I cannot believe that in Britain today you need over twenty ‘forms’ to Protect Your Business from Employment Tribunals!

Under proposed plans an employer who loses a case would be fined 50pc of the compensation award, up to £5,000, payable to the Exchequer on top of paying out any compensation to the employee.

Have you got the following policy documents in place?

1. Absence Policy
2. Code of Conduct
3. Compassionate Leave and Time off for Emergencies
4. Data Protection Policy
5. Dignity at Work Policy
6. Disciplinary Policy and Procedures
7. Dress Code Policy
8. Driving Policy
9. Drug and Alcohol Policy
10. Email and Internet Policy
11. Equal Opportunities Policy
12. Ethical Statement
13. Flexitime and Working from Home Policy
14. Grievance Procedure
15. Health and Safety Policy
16. Intellectual Property Policy
17. Maternity and Adoption Policy
18. Mobile Phone Policy
19. Parental Leave Policy
20. Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy
21. Smoking Policy

Why would you start a business, get people off unemployment, pay the national insurance etc. and have 21 different policies in place… its no wonder we are in the state were are in!


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