Tony Tickle is a Digital Marketing Consultant with extensive knowledge of Social Media, web development, virtual worlds, and e-learning. He develops digital strategies for both client side and agency side. Tickle has good understanding of the how to develop digital strategies from a variety sources such as market research, competitor analysis and market industry knowledge.

Tickle has an extensive online marketing background, developed dynamic and high profile online digital strategies. Tickle has experience of 3d Virtual worlds, online marketing techniques, interactive marketing, specifying websites, development and implementation. Tony Tickle was CEO of The Tickle Group from 1983 and has been involved with the internet and web since 1996. Tickle is able to research, understand and evaluate opportunities, is client facing and has the ability to develop your ideas.

Why use Tickle?

I am able to assess the business’ online media needs and identify opportunities to strengthen marketing efforts, while working with internal and external resources and creative teams to develop unique and strategically appropriate techniques. Including the exploration of emerging technologies and enhancements that can increase revenue, brand awareness and improve overall customer experience, while supporting marketing teams to creatively implement successful marketing campaigns online.

An effective digital strategy is critical in the success of any small to medium size business. Having developed your online strategy, and planned and specified your desired online services, you will want to engage a digital agency to build those services and bring them to market. Tickle will write Expressions of interest, requests for proposal and Evaluate agencies complete responses. Saving you time money and getting the best solution for your budget.


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